Testing and visual rating industrial facilities for corrosive damage:

  • in steel and concrete
  • bridge constructions
  • ships and shipyard
  • pipelines
  • tanks
  • reinforced concrete structures

Our company deals with:

  • Protection against corrosion (designing anti-corrosion protection, evaluation and testing of corrosion protection, eg coating sets, laminates, chemical resistant linings),
  • Evaluation of paints and varnishes,
  • Evaluation of corrosion protection technology,
  • Assessment of correct documentation in the field of corrosion protection,
  • Trainings in corrosion protection.

Professional training for employees of drilling and exploration platforms – blasters, painters, using equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Shell Offshore Project.
The training is conducted at Sincor Training Center, Gdańsk.
If you are interested, please contact us.

  • Inspections

    Our company providing on-site inspections with the backup of a highly qualified and experienced team, where different specialities are connected. Diagnosis of existing problems and identification of areas requiring attention, making of recommendations and provision of clear action plans which can be implemented in your project. With our expertise you are able to recognize and …